Quitman County Today

In 2009 the U.S. Congress created the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area to foster preservation, perpetuation and celebration of the Delta’s heritage through a climate of collaboration and sustainable economic development.

Quitman County was given this distinction along with seven other Delta counties. Quitman County is also designated as part of the Mississippi Freedom Trail. In 2011 Marks was selected from over 200 sites viewed as one of the thirty locations in Mississippi to receive a historical marker by the Mississippi Freedom Trail Task Force. The marker was erected in Marks on October 2, 2015, to honor the Mule Train’s legacy.

Many are unaware of the hardships and challenges faced by Dr. King, the SCLC organizers, and local leaders in organizing the Mule Train and those who took the tiresome journey. They haven’t seen the marches and student demonstrations or the sacrifices made to house and feed the brave individuals who traveled to Marks from all over the United States and even from abroad. Many local residents who actively took part or witnessed this event are eager to share stories of how the historic Mule Train impacted their lives.


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